Clément Bindzi on Klapture

On Sunday the 23rd we are very exited to have with us Clément Bindzi, a French Cameroonian songwriter living in Berlin. For sure a date to remember since this will be one of his lasts concerts in Berlin before coming back to Paris.

The place we chose? A cozy rehearsal room down east Berlin where he will wait for all us with his guitar to take us with his groove.

His music? Beautiful acoustic intros that turn into beautiful melodies, harmonic vocals lead by his smooth voice with a rhythm that makes us diggin’. If you haven’t heard him, do it NOW because you’ll definitely wonder where he has been all this time. But don’t wonder too much because on the 23rd he will be with us on Klapture, ready to groove and answer our questions.

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A bit about him? Clément started his musical career at young age. Music has been a part of his life since he started playing cello at age of 3, then drums. At 7, Clément started Classical Guitar, which became his main instrument. In 2007, his relationship with music took a turn. Not only did he play guitar for his personal satisfaction, music also became a way for him to express himself.

He gets inspired by several Rn’b/Soul styles and artists: from canadian rwandese artist Corneille to american artist Ryan Leslie and soul legends such as Stevie Wonder. In spite of these diverse influences, Clément songs remain closely related to his own thoughts, feelings and experiences. His lyrics’ sincerity is thus upheld by this closed and peculiar sphere.

We are counting down the days to see you!

Klapture team

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